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Free Choose Your Own Oracle Reading - Archangel Oracle & Angel Prayers Oracle

Hi, and welcome! You are warmly invited to choose a card from one of the following Oracle decks... Take a moment to relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, then choose the card or cards you feel most drawn to... If you have a specific question, hold it in your mind... Scroll below for the answers.

*Feel free to connect to my Healing Earth Radio station on Pandora if you would like to enjoy some meditative music while reading your meanings 🍃


Hover, then click on the arrow to reveal the cards.



Card 1 (Left) - Archangel Oracle - Passion: Archangel Haniel

"Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career."

A spark or surge of energy, or perhaps new and continuous ideas seem to be popping up for you right now, in regards to your love life, or career. This card has come to you today as a sign that you are being encouraged to trust these feelings and ideas, and to follow them. Know that the Angels, Archangels, and God are supporting you right now, and that you can move forward safely, and without fear.

Trust yourself, and the loving Archangels, and move forward with confidence, as this is the way for you to attract more happiness and a great sense of direction into your life.


Card 2 (Centre) - Archangel Oracle - Beloved One: Archangel Chamuel

"I am helping you with your spiritual soulmate relationship."

You have chosen this card because you have some questions about a potential spiritual soulmate relationship. Be assured that God, the Angels, and the Archangels are working behind the scenes to help you with this, and that you needn't do a thing in regards to searching for it. All you have to do, is to contiunue to be your loving self, and when you radiate your love and happiness, love comes to settle all around you, including your love life - like a bird to a green tree - you will simply attract the love, by being love.

Have faith, and move forward with love.


Card 3 (Right) - Angel Prayers Oracle - Signs from Heaven

"Thank you Heaven for sending me reminders of your presence."

This card has come to you to serve as a reminder that Heaven and your loved ones are watching over you, and that you are never forgotten or alone. Heaven sends messages to us in many different ways - through our dreams, through random feathers appearing across our path, through numbers, even from animal visitors, or people we may know of just happen to bump into who say something, or show us something that means something special to you in that moment.

Know that these small yet significant signs are Heavens way of reminding you that you are being looked out for, and that Heaven always has your back. "Thank you wonderful Angels and my blessed loved ones for always looking out for me, and showing me that you are there."


With much love and healing blessings, I do hope you enjoyed your reading and found some guidance or confirmation.

Carolyn 🍃✨


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