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January Update 🌻

Hey guys! I hope you're all keeping well.

Just a wee update to let you know that I'm making a few changes here on the site, and that new exciting treasures and designs are on their way.

Recently, my website was down for many people, including myself - making a few things rather difficult to manage for around a week or so. However, it seems to be up and running on my end now, and hopefully for everyone else as well.

Because I spent so much time on my site, I've begun working on an idea that I have wanted here for some time... a wee "Crystal Meanings" Directory! This will help me to cut down on the amount of text I have with each healing treasure listed for purchase, and will provide you with a way of finding out the meanings and healing benefits of different crystals, if you so choose. I have customised the main menu to accommodate it, but you won't see the changes until I publish the site again. Hopefully by then there will be a small list starting to take shape. Plus most crystals mentioned are probably available from my site either in jewellery, or as stones by themselves.

New treasures coming: I plan on having a new style of rings, bracelets, and earrings coming soon! I've been having a lot of fun wire-wrapping pendants and re-fining my skills there, however I have really missed making the bracelets especially - so keep your eyes peeled for those.

I am currently open for Custom Designs while my kids are still on school holidays, though it may take some time to get your treasures designed until school starts back up again and everyone settles back to their routines! We love spending time with each other (most of the time haha!) and I think it's very important to be present with my boys when they are at home.

However, if you have something in mind for yourself or a loved one, don't hesitate to send me a message with your idea and I'd be happy to help you manifest that into reality.

I'll be attending the Women's Lifestyle Expo in Hamilton, New Zealand, in May this year, so I won't be taking any custom orders during the months of April and May. I will be available again during June and onwards until further notice. I'll have more details of the Women's Lifestyle Expo in the next month or so for those of you attending - plus closer to the actual date, I hope to have some discount entry vouchers for you!

Also, Pure Craft Nz is turning 5 years old this January the 29th, 2017! So I'll be having a wonderful giveaway on my Facebook fanpage to celebrate! 🎉 Do come along and get yourself in the draw towards the end of this month.

May peace be with you in this moment, and may happiness shine upon your face, now, and into the future...

Many blessings,

Carolyn 💁🌻💘

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