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Behind the Scenes Magicks of 2017

Many blessings be with you, my friends 🌸🌿

New Stuff

Amazing that it is almost September already - how this year has flown! A lot has been happening behind the scenes here at my atelier - new healing jewellery designs, new stronger materials (yay I have professional non-fraying stretchy cord that I'm finally happy with now!!) plus amazing quality stones - which the hues and energies are totally to die for - it is so exciting for me to work with. I'm also in the middle of re-arranging my atelier into a more functional, and tidy space... let's see how long that lasts lol 😅

If you know me, you know I have a set of magpie eyes - and lately, everyone has been attracted to the amazing Rainbow Fluorite, and Green Fluorite stones which I've managed to source, plus my improved style of spiral-wrapping crystal wands has been a hit.

Finding them at one of my suppliers was such a treat, my eyes just lit up, and of course I was secretly giddy with excitement for what I could create with them.

Ideas instantly start flashing in my mind, and stick with me, until the perfect moment in time arrives for the treasures to be created. I will literally stop whatever I'm doing when I feel the pull and spark of inspiration... even in the middle of cooking tea! I just *have to* - I can't explain it... But I know that when I feel that way, if I choose to ignore it, and instead think to myself - "sweet, I'll do that later..." - oh dear... it's not meant for later lol... later never comes! Now! Now is the time! And I have learned that well 😅

I am also currently working through the process of having the ability to accept credit cards through my online shop here on the website, with BNZ and eWay.

It's a very in-depth, and formal process which I'm sure will be much more streamline and hassle free for everyone, and I'm excited for that to be implemented - it's just a bit of a waiting game at present, and making sure all details and requirements are met. Fingers crossed!


Here's a wee gallery of my most recent work:



Earlier this year saw my eldest son Bronson, and I, make our way to Hamilton for the "Women's Lifestyle Expo", at the Claudelands Event Center, which takes place in May every year. It is always a great road trip with my son, he really enjoys himself, and I'm so thankful for him helping me - he even has to take two days off school - which I'm sure he doesn't mind! He's very well spoken, well presented, and helpful to everyone - and was certainly a hit with the ladies - other vendors were remarking on how lovely, and how sweet he is, and how well he did to compose himself in front of so many young ladies hehe (he just turned 18 in June) 😅

The Women's Lifestyle Expo in Hamilton is such a well organized, bright, and lively event with so many edgy, classy, and very trendy people coming through. Gosh Hamilton, you sure know how to have a great day out - rain or shine!

Many thousands of people flooded through the two day event, and our $2 lucky dips of crystals were a sell-out winner with kids of all ages - *wink wink* - it was actually mostly adults who were super curious and intrigued to pick one or two - and a few did say it made them feel like a kid again, so that was great 😂🔮💎

We had a most enjoyable stay in Hamilton, and elected to try our accommodation through Airbnb this time - which I seriously recommended for a great travel experience! We booked an entire house to ourselves, at the same price as a motel would have cost. It was only a 15 minute drive from the event, in a lovely rural setting with lots of land, animals, peace & quiet, and lovely hosts who stay in a house on the same property. They had made sure to have the house warmed up prior to our arrival, and provided yummy fresh fruits from their orchard. They even made sure to come and visit our stall at the expo - awesome!

I have had a few requests to travel to other locations to be featured at other expos, however I have stuck with this one since 2012 and we really enjoy the energy and people of Hamilton, so we love coming back every year.

I am however considering the Women's Lifestyle Expo in Wellington, or Christchurch - which we haven't attended before - so that may be on the cards in 2019!


Sir Richard Branson!?!

Another awesome thing that happened this year (apart from the Hamilton Expo) which stands out as a notable moment for me - was that Sir Richard Branson himself (yes the multi-billionaire and founder of Virgin Records, and Virgin Airlines etc), actually replied to a comment I'd made, on one of his Instagram videos he'd created about "Motivation"!

I was in total disbelief, and then immediate excitement. It took me a whole day to compose myself to actually reply to him lol - I didn't want to come across as a total "fan-girl" haha...

I will treasure the time he took to read my message, and reply. He was so genuine, and encouraging. He didn't have to say anything, but he did - and he didn't reply to anyone else...

He is one of my most favourite mentors when it comes to life, and business - seriously, go check out his feed, it's very inspirational!


Custom Orders

I am currently accepting Custom Orders through August 2017, and that may extend through to September 2017 - however I will keep the website, and Facebook/Instagram updated.

Feel free to check any of these, or Contact me for more information.


All in all, it has been a super exciting and productive year, and I'm enjoying the new crystals and materials, and all the lovely people we've been blessed to meet, both online and in person.

Wishing you many blessings, good health, and good times -

Carolyn xx

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