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Free "Choose Your Own" Angel Prayers Oracle Reading

Hey guys, and welcome! 😊 You are warmly invited to choose a card from the Angel Prayers Oracle... Take a moment to get comfortable and relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, then choose the card/s you feel most drawn to. Scroll below for the meanings.

*Feel free to connect to my new Healing Earth Radio station on Spotify if you would like to enjoy some meditative music while reading your meanings 🍃


Use the arrow or swipe to reveal the cards. Click to enlarge.



Card 1 (Left): Trust Your Vibes

“Thank you Angels, today I choose to trust my intuition and your guidance!”

This card comes to you today as a reminder for you to remember to trust yourself, to look deeper within to find the the answers to the questions that you seek. You must remember that feelings and repetitive thoughts are your "guidance system", and the way you feel about something means a lot.

You may have some important life decisions to make, and by drawing this card, it signals that deep down you do you know what to do, so take any repetitive signs that you may see in your life, as signs you are on the right (or wrong) track ~ perhaps using "3" as a "magic number" ~ so you *know* that when you have encountered the same thing three times, you will also know that is your answer, and that you must act upon it, or follow it.

Get ready for adventure ✨


Card 2 (Centre): The Inner Voice

“Thank you Angels for guiding me through my inner voice.”

An inner voice is a type of guardian, or higher self, that guides you towards your highest good. This inner voice may often whisper guidance to you, so wise that you don't know where it's coming from ~ or do you?!

That is Divine. That is Spirit looking out for you.

When you can clear your mind and relax your soul for a moment, you can clearly hear the song that spirit whispers to you ~ through your own thoughts, visions, and dreams ~ upon the breeze of trees... This is a clear connection to spirit and universal energy, and it is a great blessing to be able to flow and follow this wisdom and guidance, and use it for the greater good.

Blessings be upon you, go out into the world and turn it to gold ✨


Card 3 (Right): Loved One in Heaven

“Thank you loved ones in heaven for drawing close at this time.”

Right now, Spirit is very close to this physical world ~ the veil is thin between two Full Moons this month ~ Spirit is on the borderline, in the Tween Times, dwelling in the Tween Spaces and Places ~ you know where they are ~ in the forests between dappled sunlight, the sparking waters, at the edges of shadows and night sky ~ in your mind, and your hearts eye ~ Spirit is in the awakening of a fresh bloom seeing light for the first time ~ touching us through our dreams, our thoughts, our very actions.

If you have a passed over loved one that you have been thinking about, they are currently reaching out to you.

You may recognise this as something they may have always said, just repeating in your mind. You may experience this by suddenly smelling something that reminds you of them, but you can't explain where that smell is coming from. You may feel the presence of unexplained heat or cold, or as unexplained visions in your mind... you may even experience their presence as a physical voice or laugh, that isn't really there. That's them. They are with you. They love you and are supporting you, and they want you to know that no matter what you are going through, they are there, they hear you, and they understand.

Keep going, you totally got this ✨


With much love and healing blessings, I do hope you enjoyed your reading and found some guidance or confirmation.

Carolyn 🌸🍃🔮


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