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Every treasure that I create here in New Zealand, is unique, and intuitively coded with Sacred Geometry.


I work closely with Spirit, and by working with you (and yours or your loved ones needs), to create something beautiful, personal, healing, sacred, and one of a kind.

Every treasure I create, is smudged, blessed, and cleared using ancient techniques - including Sound Healing. These techniques have been implemented throughout many cultures worldwide for thousands of years.

All packaging can be recycled, re-used, or comes from a sustainable source.

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Hi!  I'm Carolyn, the artist and founder of Pure Craft Nz.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my three children Bronson, Sean, and Saxon, and our two cats Thunder, and Anubis.

I have a love and passion for the Arts in many different forms.  I am a self taught jewellery designer and creator.  I taught myself to draw and write poetry at a young age, which has continued throughout my life.


I was accepted into a 2D Animation Diploma at the age of 15 years old, and published my first poem at the age of 17.  I have been published in numerous books and poetry books throughout the years.  I am a certified computer technician, and am also skilled in web design, digital art - from matte painting/photo-manipulation in Photoshop, to 2D and 3D animation using Flash, After Effects, and Maya Unlimited etc - and am a self taught photographer. 

As a young child, and into my teens, I developed a fascination with the Spirit World.  This fascination and faith continues to this day, and I have witnessed some amazing healing, and even miracles take place, starting with my oldest son Bronson.

I have 26 years experience with natural, metaphysical, and vibrational healing therapies, and am adept at reading the Tarot, and Oracle cards.  Because of my experience implementing these healing techniques, I have earned my certification as a Natural Therapist with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

I started Pure Craft Nz as a way to share not only my arts, but to bring wonderful healing, vibrational therapies out into the world.

Pure Craft New Zealand's name is derived from my last name, which means "Pure Craftsman".

I come from English, French, Maltese, Spanish, and Maori descent (that I know of so far!) - my tribe in New Zealand is Ngati Porou, and I am a descendant of the Spanish man, Manuel Jose.  The Spanish-Maori descendants in New Zealand are known as the Paniora. Sir Apirana Ngata is also a descendant of the same line, and is featured on the New Zealand $50 bill.

The natural wonders of this world & our Universe will never cease to amaze & inspire me.

I love this planet.

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Updated in 2022.

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