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Thank you everyone for taking part in my Christmas Giveaway on Facebook, and a big congratulations to all of our wonderful prize winners!!

Winners are as follows:

  • Natalie Harte - Rose Quartz Heart.​

  • Kaaro Gibson - Triple Blue Lace Agate, and Triple Amethyst "Pea Pod" Earrings.

  • Amanda Breslin - Rainbow Fluorite Wand, and one full Lepidolite Bracelet.

  • Audrey Heath Hoyes - x2 Rose Quartz Pendants in .925 Sterling Silver.

  • Anna Koenig - Peach Blossom Jade/Rhodonite palm stone.

* Please note that future giveaways and prize givings will be held on Pure Craft Nz's own Members Only forum: Pure Stone Circle.

This is a safe and non toxic environment for approved members only. Free to join, login, and start making posts. 

For more information I will be updating the Announcements page.

Christmas Prize Giving 2022!

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