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Bracelet Collections

I create numerous styles of bracelets for all different occasions.

From every day wear, to unique Talismans designed to uplift your world.

Browse my Collections to find a Taonga perfect for you, or a loved one.


Here you will find all of my different bracelets.


These treasures are made for a variety of soothing benefits. Stones chosen resonate with certain Chakra areas for specific comfort.


In this collection, you will find different Chakra Bracelets that are either Full Chakra Bracelets, or bracelets that are for a specific Chakra.

These types of bracelets resonate with the different areas or "energy centres" of the body, bringing each area into alignment, to create more balance and harmony within your life.


Bracelets featured in this collection can be made at any time, though appearances may differ due to different stock ~ however, the benefits will be the same.

Coming soon: Create Your Own Bracelet!


These Zodiac treasures are made specifically for each Zodiac sign, and incorporate popular, and lesser known stones for each sign. Includes a symbolic Zodiac charm.

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