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Card of the Day - Inner Power: The Divine Father

Angel Prayers Oracle Cards - Kyle Gray

This card has found its way to you today, because the Universe is letting you know that the great Universal Father is watching over you and supporting you right now. You are a powerful manifestor. All of us have the powerful ability to create our own world by the way we think, speak, and act. This is how we each create the world that we live in.

If times are rough (which is a part of this yin/yang cyclic Universe), it doesn't always mean that you created it. Sometimes challenges are presented to us this way for a reason, but what you do have the power to do, is choose the way that you respond to it. If you can take a moment to have a few deep breaths and just sit with things for a while (meditate), you can try to think of the most simple, loving, and positive way to move forward. Sometimes taking no action at all is required, other times we must assert ourselves. Remember to have faith that the Universal Father is always working for your highest good, and that you are being watched over and protected.

If you are experiencing good times right now, then well done - you have put in the effort to achieve that in one way or another - and that doesn't mean you haven't had to face any difficult situations or challenges along your path - but it does mean that you have stayed true to yourself, pushed through, and overcome what was needed to get you to this place. You have done a great job at keeping in the flow, releasing what isn't needed, finding a sense of peace, and moving forward with optimism and determination. Remember to give thanks to the Universal Father/Creator for all you have, and all you don't have. Everything is exactly as it is meant to be.

With much love and many blessings, I wish you peace upon your journey. May you tread lightly upon our Earth 🙏🌷✨

Carolyn x

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