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Free Choose Your Own Oracle Reading - Numerology & Angel Prayers

Hi, and welcome! You are warmly invited to choose a card from one of the following Oracle decks... Take a moment to relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, then choose the card or cards you feel most drawn to...

*Feel free to connect to my Healing Earth Radio station on Pandora if you would like to enjoy some meditative music while reading your meanings 🍃


Hover, then click on the arrow to reveal the cards.



Numerology Oracle: 87 - Synchronicity

This card has come to you today as a sign that certain synchronicities may have been occurring for you recently - for instance: thinking about someone, and then they call, text, or you bump in to each other out of the blue. Perhaps you are having repetitive thoughts, and then certain circumstances come about, that align with what you were thinking.

Or, perhaps you are experiencing a time where things just don't seem to be working out right - where the energy is... "out of sync"?

This card is reminding you that synchronicity is a divine cycle. "There are no accidents" - think of Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda! And synchronicity is present in your life, whether you are aware of it, or not.

In whichever way synchronicity perceivably is (or isn't) showing up in your life - you are being asked to be aware of its existence. Remember to breathe, have faith, and trust that the Universe is always working for your highest good - even if you have no idea how things will eventuate.

Give thanks, ask for blessings, and keep the faith. Everything is going exactly as it is meant to.

Affirmation: I have faith that synchronicity will lead me where I need to be.


Angel Prayers: Express Your Creativity

Prayer: "Thank you Angels for helping me to express my inner creator".

You are a creative person and being! You may be a painter, musician, poet, or sculptor - yet every single person, whether they are an artist or not - is an artist of their very own life.

This card has come to you today, because the time is ripe for creative expression. There is an artistic energy flowing through you, floating upon the breeze... and this energy needs to be expressed, and perhaps even shared with the world!

However it is that you intend to create, whether it be starting to write that book, sculpt the next David, or even begin a new course of study or work that can change your life - you are being encouraged to begin creating it now.

Many blessings on your creative journey.


Angel Prayers: Honour Your Feelings - Archangel Haniel

Prayer: "Thank you Haniel for supporting me as I honour my emotions".

You have chosen this card today, as a sign to honour your feelings and emotions. It is absolutely ok to feel emotional sometimes - and this just shows how much of a caring person you are! Being sensitive and having a deeply caring side, is not a curse as it sure can feel like sometimes! But it is a God-given gift to help you along your journey. To feel and have compassion is what we need more of in this world.

Right now, Archangel Haniel is asking you to acknowledge, and release any emotions, anger, tensions, sadness you may be feeling right now - by expressing yourself in any way you feel comfortable. This may be speaking with a close friend or confidant, dancing, singing, writing or taking a nature walk. You may even feel like having a good cry, or punching it out on a boxing bag - whatever it is, Archangel Haniel wants you to know that you are safe and supported while you express, and honour your emotions and feelings.

Archangel Haniel is right there with you, guiding you, lifting you up, and helping you to safely honour your feelings. Blessings upon your heart 💝


With much love, I do hope you enjoyed your reading and found some guidance or confirmation.

Many Amethyst Blessings ~

Carolyn 🍃✨


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