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This amazing and one of a kind, high vibing necklace was carefully made with five Singing Laser Quartz crystals, hand picked for their size and shape - which are surrounded by 8 faceted Lilac Kunzite stones. 


This piece shines like the sun, and because of the way the stones are arranged, this treasure can also sing like a whimsical charm in the breeze. 


A very powerul statement necklace for the high vibing warrior goddess.



  • Must be handled with great care.
  • Comes with a Princess length .925 sterling silver chain with hook clasp - as seen in the images.  The stones will extend past that length.

Lilac Kyanite & Singing Laser Quartz in .925 Sterling Silver

    • Singing Laser Quartz
    • Lilac Kunzite
    • .925 Sterling Silver
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