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This stunning Gold Zircon Bracelet is handmade with (estimated) 4.5 billion year old stones, making it a truly unique piece of healing crystal jewellery.


The grounding properties of zircon make it a powerful protection stone, helping to repel negative energy and promote inner strength.


As the base chakra is associated with grounding and stability, this bracelet is the perfect accessory to help balance and focus your energy. Wear it for a touch of elegance and to connect with the earth's ancient energy.


  • All treasures are blessed for your highest good, and highest healing benefit.

Gold Zircon Bracelet

  • Adjustable from small to large: 178mm - 203mm.

    • Genuine faceted Zircon stones.
    • Genuine silver lined, gold Czech glass spacers.
    • Professional 49 strand braided wire with maximum drape.
    • Gold plated chain and clasps.
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