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This beautiful spiral wrapped pendant was made with .925 Sterling Silver, and was designed with the intent to help you or a loved one become pregnant, or have growth within a project or business. You must be crystal clear about your intentions!


Crystals in this treasure are, from bottom up: 
Faceted Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Aquamarine, and Moss Agate, with a wee painted Czech glass bead at the top.

Crystals may be a mixture of Ruby & Zoasite, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Jade, Moonstone, Rhodonite, Carnelian, Unakite Jasper, Tektite, Aquamarine, Moss Agate, Blue Lace Agate and more.

They are chosen especially for enhancing the possibility of pregnancy, or to promote growth within a business or project, and are intuitively guided and arranged using sacred geometry.


  • For assistance in preventing mis-carriage, the crystals Carnelian, Aquamarine, or Unakite may be included.  Please do leave a note at checkout if you would like any of these.
  • Please be aware that your treasure may differ slightly in appearance in regards to the types of stones, and arrangement.

Fertility Talisman Potion Pendant in Sterling Silver

PriceFrom $75.00
  • 65mm x 11mm

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