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These treasures are made to vibrate with, and compliment, the star sign they are intended for. 


It is my belief, that our star signs hold a key to our metaphysical health - therefore the stones that align with each sign, must also treat certain symptoms, or contain benefits for each sign.

Crystals chosen for these healing treasures are a wide variety of different stones, all hand picked for each bracelet made, and all of a great quality.


  • Features a Zodiac charm symbolising your chosen star sign/s.

To purchase more custom made Zodiac Bracelets of different star signs, to be included in the same order:

  1. Complete an order for each Star Sign, by adding the first bracelet you'd like, to your cart - then returning to this page and creating a different bracelet, adding that to your cart, and so on.
  2. If all extra bracelets are going to be the same size, just choose your quantity, then make a Note below stating each different star sign.
  • Please be aware that your treasure may differ slightly in appearance in regards to the types of stones, and arrangement, as each bracelet is unique.
  • Feel free to leave a Note below, or message me if you have particular requirements, stones, or alternate charms you would like.

Custom Zodiac Bracelet - All Star Signs

PriceFrom $35.00
  • Keep out of water whenever possible to increase longevity.

    • Genuine gemstones
    • Non fraying stretchy cord, wieght tested by manufacturer up to 8 pounds.
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