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This bright and bold new necklace was lovingly created using faceted Red Agate stones at the front center, where a large Peacock pendant is featured - followed by a series of high grade Carnelian stones, and Peacock feather porcelain beads.


This unique treasure has a very protective energy, and is great for motivation, creativity, abundance, and keeping focused.  A beautifully royal treasure for a high vibing Goddess!


This necklace aligns with the Base, Sacral, and Heart Chakras.


*Please note:  Heart Chakra healing is through Colour Therapy only, and the Peacock porcelain beads themselves do not hold energetic properties quite the same as living stones. 


  • Necklace is adjustable from Choker (410mm) to Princess length (460mm) and features a Carnelian bead at the end of the chain.

Carnelian & Faceted Red Agate Peacock Necklace

Out of Stock
    • Genuine Gemstones
    • Thread is a 49 strand braided professional designer wire - plated with .925 sterling silver, with a clear nylon coating.
    • Tibetan Silver Peackock charm.
    • Porcelain Peackock feather beads and spacers.
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