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This One-of-a-Kind treasure was lovingly created using a beautiful, high grade Ametrine crystal, and woven together with a total of 1550mm (1.5m) of solid .925 Sterling Silver.


It features my first ever "woven heart" on the back of the pendant - but you could really wear it whichever way you prefer.  It looks fab both ways.


The energy this unique amulet holds, is of great vision, and abundance. Both the energies of Amethyst, and Citrine shine forth from this treasure, bringing a very friendly, and protective energy to the wearer as well.


  • This pendant is of the Heirloom Amulets Collection.
  • Comes gift wrapped and packaged in a long black velvet pendant box with white interior.

Ametrine in .925 Sterling Silver

PriceFrom $441.00

    • Total size of pendant: 69mm x 33mm
    • Weight: 29.3g
  • Please click below to view:



    • Ametrine
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