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Fluorite comes in an amazing assortment of different hues, and is a highly protective stone.  It cleanses and stabilises the Aura.  A great stone for drawing off negative energies, and great for negating negative energy from electronics.  This stone assists in increasing self-confidence.  It helps the wearer to absorb new information, promotes quick thinking, and assists balance and coordination.  


Fluorite is a great stone for teeth, bones, nerves, colds, flu, the respiratory tract, and sinusitis.  It also helps to relieve arthritis, rheumatism, spinal injuries, and helps to mobilise joints.

Because Fluorite has so many different hues, vibrationally it assists in a multitude of benefits throughout the body.

Rainbow Fluorite just like Fluorite, comes in a beautiful assortment of hues, from black, grey, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, and purple - but what's different, is all of these colours can be present in just one stone - just like a rainbow - and the hues are absolutely out of this world!  For someone with magpie eyes, it is irresistable.


Therefore, Rainbow Fluorite would be particularly useful for the complementary vibrational healing of headaches, sleep, the sinuses, throat, teeth, heart, lungs, stomach, and all respective organs etc in those areas.


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