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These awesome grids were designed for those who wish to create their own unique crystal grid arrangements for various healing benefits, intentions, and meditation.  

Crystal Grids for Sale:

Customize your grid with a personal touch.  
What type of energy would you like to harmonise with?

Rose Quartz is great for love and calming vibes, Citrine is great for Abundance energy! Get creative, and see what beautiful creations you can make.

You can choose what crystals you'd like to use with your grid, and how many.  

Stones are sold individually, or in special packs of 3, 6, and upwards - to align with the geometry of the grids.

Plus, remember to grab yourself a Quartz Crystal Point, or another unique crystal for the center of your grid.  These are used as a focus point, or director of energy.

Do you have a Wand, or a single/double terminated crystal point?  

These are used by holding in your hand, to join the energy of the crystals on your grid together

- like dot-to-dot.  

All Crystal Grids & Grid Stones come with optional instructions on how to use your grids and stones.

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