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A beautiful Rainbow Moonstone with amazing mini-rainbow flashes, lovingly wrapped in 1190mm (1.2 meters) of .925 Sterling Silver. This unique treasure also features a handwoven heart at the back!


A very soothing stone, Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, strongly connected to the Moon and intuition.


  • This pendant aligns with the Throat, and Crown Chakras, and because of the mini-rainbows inside of this particular stone, it also balances all chakras.
  • Comes with free Sterling Silver chain of your choice.
  • Best worn directly over the skin, or over flat surfaced materials.
  • Do not wear over materials that may "catch", such as lace, or wool etc.


Rainbow Moonstone Amulet in .925 Sterling Silver

PriceFrom $231.00

  • Total size of pendant: 53mm x 29mm

  • Please click below to view:

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