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A sweet and ultra healing stretchy bracelet designed for women and mothers who need just a bit of uplifting, nurturing energy to see them through.  


This healing bracelet was designed for protection, for helping to relieve headaches, provide peaceful sleep and dreams, and for giving one the strength to communicate their truth, moving forward fearlessly, with faith and courage within themselves.


Stones featured are:  Black Lava Rock (diffuser), high grade Amethyst chips, Amazonite, and a Limited Edition, faceted Lilac Kunzite Amulet, with a rose bead on either side. 


Lilac Kunzite is a fantastic stone for eliminating negative energy from within and around you, like a safe-guard.


To use as a diffuser: 


Just pop one or two drops (total) directly onto the black lava rocks, and rub in a little.  Make sure you don't actually put a drop or two on each stone, as that may be overwhelming - however, you may like to pop a drop of one fragrance on one stone, and a different fragrance on another to create your own amazing blend. 


*Features new non-fraying stretchy cord, weight tested to 8 pounds!

Womens/Mothers Nurturing Bracelet + Diffuser

PriceFrom $35.00
    • Keep out of water whenever possible.
    • Do not wear during strenuous activity.
    • If you follow the above instructions, you will extend the life of your treasure which can last for years.
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