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Beautiful yet simple Potion Bottle style pendant, lovingly hand wrapped in 200mm of .925 Sterling Silver.

This treasure features a sparkling, crystalline Citrine, crowned by Grossularite (which is actually Green Garnet), and a faceted Red Agate stone.

The energy of this combination is of powerful manifestation, abundance, and focus.  If you're needing a boost to get you vibing higher, and attracting awesome, friendly, and abundunt energies - then this is a great, sunny, and high vibing pendant which would be of great benefit.


Comes with a premium black velvet gift box (as pictured in the last image - pendant featured is Kyanite, Labradorite, and Rainbow Moonstone).

Citrine, Grossularite (Green Garnet), & Faceted Red Agate II

PriceFrom $40.00
  • Total size:  42mm x 13mm

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