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Beautiful and simple Amethyst, with the deepest purple hue. Lovingly wrapped in 1350mm of copper.


Amethyst is an amazing "all rounder" stone for almost anything! Great for sleep, headaches, calm and soothing vibes, protection, intuition, and much more.


  • This pendant aligns with the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Comes with a free adjustable cord of your choice.
  • Best worn directly over the skin, or over flat surfaced materials.
  • Do not wear over materials that may "catch", such as lace, or wool etc.
  • Please remember that pure copper can tarnish over time, and may need a wee polish to bring back its lustre from time to time. Some people may also experience greenish marks left on their skin from the copper - this is natural, and can wash off easily.
  • Copper is fantastic for those who suffer from Arthritis.

Amethyst Pendant in Copper

Out of Stock

  • Total size of pendant: 45mm x 18mm

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