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An absolutely stunning piece of Amethyst in the shape of a flame, lovingly wrapped in 1550mm (1.5 meters) of solid .925 Sterling Silver.  I am in love with the depth in this crystal, you can really get lost gazing into it.


This Amulet has a great center of gravity, and so I have also programmed this particular treasure as a Pendulum, so it has an extra unique quality to it.  None of my other Heirloom Amulets so far, have this trait.


It is programmed in a circular motion, with "Yes" responding in a Clockwise motion, and "No" being Anticlockwise. 


  • Due to its size, this treasure comes housed in a black textured circular jewellery box, with black suede interior.
  • Please view the video for a better look at this Amulet.

Amethyst Flame Heirloom Amulet in .925 Sterling Silver

PriceFrom $308.00

    • Total size of pendant: 60mm x 20mm
    • Weight: 24.1g
  • Please click below to view:

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