This awesome and simple Malachite stretchy bracelet features A faceted Black Agate stone, and an Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold) Skull.  


This bracelet carries with it a very powerful energy, and mustn't be worn too much, lest the Malachite has a negative effect...

In saying that, this bracelet has a powerful heart healing energy, and is very grounding, bringing One right back down to earth, while remaining heart centered.  


A great amulet to have if you have been feeling a bit *up in the air*, or are too much in the mind - just make sure you wear it moderately, or less frequently as you normally would.


This bracelet aligns with the Base, and Heart Chakras.


*Features new non-fraying stretchy cord, weight tested to 8 pounds!

Malachite, Agate, and Iron Pyrite Stretchy Bracelet

    • Keep out of water whenever possible.
    • Do not wear during strenuous activity.
    • If you follow the above instructions, you will extend the life of your treasure which can last for years.