A one of a kind treasure featuring a beautiful leaf-shaped Jade, and lovingly spiral wrapped with a rose look, in copper.


  • This pendant aligns with the Heart Chakra.
  • Comes with a free chain or cord of your choice.
  • Best worn directly over the skin, or over flat surfaced materials.
  • Do not wear over materials that may "catch", such as lace, or wool etc.
  • Please remember that pure copper can tarnish over time, and may need a wee polish to bring back its lustre from time to time.
  • Some people may also experience greenish marks left on their skin from the copper - this is natural, and can wash off easily. I take it as a sign that unwanted toxins are leaving your body.  Many people with arthritis (including my mother) are avid wearers and cheerers of the healing effects of copper.


Jade Rose-Spiral Amulet in Copper

Necklace Type/Length

  • Total size of pendant: 70mm x 15mm x 7mm

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