A beautiful Hypersthene Heirloom Amulet which I lovingly wrapped in 1800mm (1.8 meters) of solid .925 Sterling Silver goodness.  This treasure also features a signature "woven heart" setting on the back.


Hypersthene (Black/Velvet Labradorite) is a very grounding stone, and lends the energy of strength, especially for ones mind. Known to promote clear thinking, it strengthens ones awareness and better judgement, aiding in problem solving skills amongst many other great benefits.


  • This treasure is kinda heavy, weighing a total of 45.6g, and is one of my largest single stone pendants that I've created so far. 
  • Due to its size, this particular Amulet will come in a black textured, circular jewellery box, which is lined in black suede.

Hypersthene Heirloom Amulet in .925 Sterling Silver


    • Total size of pendant: 70mm x 36mm
    • Weight: 45.6g
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    • Hypersthene -  Black Labradorite - info section coming soon.
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