An awesome and earthy bracelet, this treasure was made using Moss Agate, which has real moss inside, and Lava Stones which can be used as a diffuser for your favourite essential oils, or perfume.  Love it!  The fragrances last all day and night long, just beautiful.


These stones align with the Heart, and Base Chakras respectively.


To use as a diffuser: 


Just pop one or two drops (total) directly onto the black lava rocks, and rub in a little.  Make sure you don't actually put a drop or two on each stone, as that may be overwhelming - however, you may like to pop a drop of one fragrance on one stone, and a different fragrance on another to create your own amazing blend. 


Only two of these have been made with the same stones and design, which are both featured here.


Grounding & Protection Bracelet + Diffuser

$65.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
    • Keep out of water whenever possible.
    • Do not wear during strenuous activity.
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