This unique bracelet was hand made with .935 Argentium Silver wire.

Agate is a very grounding stone, bringing an intellectual, emotional, and physical balance. It has the power to harmonize the yin and yang, the positive and negative, and is also a very calming stone. Agate is a great stone for enhancing concentration, perception, and allows practical solutions to come to mind.

Agate has a great ability to overcome anger and negativity, and can assist in healing a bitter heart by comforting and fostering the strength to start again. It allows one to speak their own truth, and creates a sense of safety and security.

This stone stabilizes the aura, and transforms negative energy. It is great for the skin, strengthens blood vessels, and is a great emotional support.

Size: Medium: 200mm

Grounding Agate Bracelet in .935 Argentium Silver

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