This Green Tourmalinated Quartz twist ring was lovingly hand wrapped in Copper as a wonderful talisman to assist in grounding, and releasing stress.
It has a quad band (4 wires gathered side by side) for thickness.

Tourmalinated Quartz brings together the qualities of both Tourmaline and Quartz. It is an effective and powerful grounding stone, releasing tensions on any level. This stone harmonises polar energies, and transforms negative thoughts into positive ones. Psychologically, this stone assists in healing and integrating the shadow energies, reducing the tendency for self-sabotage. It is an effective problem solver, harmonises the meridians in the body, subtle bodies, and chakras.

Quartz is an amazing amplifier, and because this ring contains Green Tourmaline, it is also a stone and ring of the Heart. This ring may be used for Scrying.

Size: T - for NZ, AU & UK
Size: 10 - for USA & Canada

Green Tourmalinated Quartz Ring in Copper

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