Sweet and simple, these faceted Agate (above), and Mookaite Jasper (below) chokers are great for wearing any day, for any occasion.  


Both of these treasures have great grounding and protective energy, and the Mookaite has a boost of passion in there too.  Fantastic stones for stress relief, staying focused, and getting organised!  I wear my Mook Jasper choker almost every day =)


Wear Agate to improve concentration and focus.  Wear Jasper for a nurturing energy, and for getting organised.  Both are great at dispelling negative energies.


  • These Black Faceted Agate and Mookaite (Mook) Jasper necklaces align with the Base Chakra.
  • Designed with the Sacred Geometric numbers of 1, 3, and 5.

Faceted Gemstone Chokers in .925 Sterling Silver

$45.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
    • Genuine Gemstones.
    • Thread is a 49 strand braided professional designer wire - plated with .925 sterling silver, with a clear nylon coating.
    • Glass/plastic high quality beads/spacers.
    • .925 Sterling Silver chain, ends, and clasps.