This new style stretchy bracelet was made with a grounding mixture of high grade, semi-precious stones, and a Swarovski crystal from Austria.  


At the centre is an awesome, faceted Swarovski crystal, followed by Iron Pyrite (Fool's Gold), Citrine, and faceted Red Agate.  


This bracelet carries with it an aura of relaxation, grounding/earthiness, protection, focus, abundance, and friendliness.  

It aligns, balances, opens, and activates the Base, and Solar Plexus Chakras.


Features a detailed Buddha charm.

Austrian Swarovski Feature Stretchy Bracelet

    • Keep out of water whenever possible.
    • Do not wear during strenuous activity.
    • If you follow the above instructions, you will extend the life of your treasure which can last for years - see the last photos!
    • Stretchy cord may fray over time if you constantly play with the stones.
    • If you notice fraying beginning, see FAQ's.