This treasure was made with the intent to bring soothing and subtle relief to the wearer, using specific stones especially vibrating at the right energy to assist.

Crystals chosen for this treasure are: Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, faceted Moss Agate, New Green Jade, Rose Quartz, and twisted Tourmalinated Quartz.  The stones are also intuitively guided and arranged using sacred geometry.


  • Features an Om charm representative of the Crown Chakra, gently opening us up to Divine and Cosmic energy.
  • Please be aware that your treasure may differ slightly in appearance in regards to the types of stones, and arrangement, as each bracelet is unique.
  • Please leave a note at checkout or message me if you have particular requirements, stones, or charms you would like.

Anxiety & Depression Relief Bracelet with Om Charm

  • Keep out of water whenever possible to increase longevity.

    • Genuine gemstones
    • Non fraying stretchy cord, wieght tested by manufacturer up to 8 pounds.