This deep purple bracelet was made with love using an A-grade Faceted Amethyst centre stone, and deep purple A-grade Amethyst, and Charoite round stones.  Also fearured are Swarovski crystals, a wirewrapped Amethyst dangly, a heart, and faerie charm.


This is a perfect bracelet for enhancing, opening, and balancing the Third Eye Chakra.


Metaphysical Meaning/Benefits:


  • Amethyst is quite the powerful protective stone with a high vibration. It guards against psychic attack and transmutes that energy back to love. A great stone for headaches, sleep, protection, the lungs and can treat skin conditions. Amethyst is also a fantastic stone for opening and balancing the Third Eye Chakra, allowing you to see your visions with greater clarity.
  • Charoite is rare and complex, one of nature’s best dream stones and illuminators, allowing access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears to live in the present, and opening to spiritual guidance for the future. It has become a source of comfort and a symbol of endurance in adversity.

Size:  Adjustable from small to large.

Amethyst & Charoite Bracelet

    • Keep out of water whenever possible.
    • Do not wear during strenuous activity.
    • Genuine Amethyst, and Charoite.
    • Created using a 49 strand, professional, sterling silver plated designer wire.